Modernity, clarity and straightforwardness paired with a smart and simple operation are the characteristics which distinguish an MHZ roller blind from others. It blends in unobtrusively with its surroundings and is also very well suited to use with standard-size windows. The one dimensional hanging radiates calmness and creates a beneficial atmosphere.
Semi-transparency or darkening sun protection can be achieved by the choice of fabric. The technical system consists of a roller tube, which rolls up the fabric. The hanging can be lowered completely if maximum privacy and glare protection are required or it can be rolled up completely in order to let in lots of daylight and to enable an unhindered view of the outside. All in all, an MHZ roller blind is an uncomplicated and practical sun protection for any use.

Function orientated fabrics include Perlex or aluminium rear- side coating for advanced heat reflection, glass fibre, flame resistance, suitability for PC workstations as well as for wet rooms and noise protection.